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ABOUT VOMI|     Overview


Our Vision
To make accessible to every single individual in every corner of the globe - via the power of virtual organization management and virtual organizations - the wonders and golden opportunities of the 21st century and beyond.


Our Mission
To spread the Luminous Light of VOMI and virtual organization management to every single individual in every corner of the globe, thereby, enabling and accelerating the explosive growth of virtual organizations worldwide.


About VOMI
Virtual Organization Management Institute is the world's leading and only global 100% virtual educational institute, think tank, professional association, certification and accreditation provider, and conference producer strictly dedicated to the modern virtual organization management discipline founded and pioneered by its founder since 1997.

Virtual Organization Management is the Holy Grail for organizations seeking to make the transition from Virtual Chaos to the new Virtual Organization; environment-friendly organizations with a Going Green strategy; organizations seeking to improve the quality of life of their workforce while enhancing productivity and increasing their bottom line; government, public policy think tanks and interest groups who seek to discover the solid link between protecting national security and virtual organization management.


Think Tank-Research
VOMI projects include:
  • Research Panel
  • Research Sabbatical
  • Sabbatical Fellowships
  • Case Studies
Join VOMI and sponsor one or more research projects or sabbatical fellowships.

Virtual Organization Management Institute offers educational programs and need-based financial aid in the form of scholarships, fellowships, loans, and loan repayment assistance to all students, academics, corporate trainers, HR/OD personnel, executive recruiters, line managers and all other executives across the entire business, nonprofit and government continuum.
  • Master Designation Programs
  • Certificate Programs
  • Symposiums & Colloquiums
  • Seminars, Hybrid-Virtual Conferences™ & Summits
  • Web-Media-Teleconferences
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Virtual Organization Management Institute offers course licensing opportunities to:
  • Internal Providers
  • Learning Partners
  • Educational Institutions
  • Regional Facilitators-International Faculty

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Corporate Governance
Virtual Organization Management Institute executives, faculty, and advisors are industry leaders and pioneers in the virtual organization management space continuum; with dual background in one or more of the following: online education, corporate training, recruitment, human resources, and organization development; and deep insight into your virtual organization needs.


VOMI Virtual Organization Academy
A favorite sabbatical destination for corporate executives, researchers, and faculty members on sabbatical leave
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